E2U - Energy to you

Predictive, adaptive, open

Take control of your energy with Energy To U

The internet of things 

Buy direct from the wholesale market

Stabilise the grid

Get paid what your energy is worth

Aggregate community power plant


Cut out the middle man. Actively buy and sell in the energy market with integrate security meaning you will never be exposed to paying high energy prices ever again. Be rewarded for what you generate

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demand management

See the energy you use in your home and control appliances to take advantage of energy prices

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Energy savings

Buying low and setting your thresholds allows you to save on your electricity bills and sell when the price in high

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Simple app

Simple to use interface puts you in control of your energy use and trading

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Meet The Team

Nicole Lawrence

bit of everything, design, team manager/mascot

Simon Mathews

Design, Layout, business model

Steven Lawrence

C#.net, developer, programmer

Anthony Broese van Groenou

Ideas, design, video, web

Rosalind Fulton

R, Python, ridiculously aesthetic graphs

Suranga De Silva

front end developer

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